broken glass

Well…I’m not actually going to write about broken glass… but I will be writing about the random crap that’s floating around in my head.

In my younger days I released all my extra energy with drinking and debauchery…. but now it takes too long to recover (days in bed…gallons of water and bottles of tylenol) so I’ve been trying to find my niche… been working on my art…. volunteering and writing in my journal… a friend suggested that I try blogging, problem is.. I’m not a very good writer!  I write the way I talk…so you’ll see a ton of periods (which usually means I”m pausing… to collect my thoughts…or thinking…hmmmm…how could I put this without sounding so Damn  MILITANT!)  To me… my idea of punctuation includes only period and exclamation points!  That’s it …I don’t need anything else! Anyway, that all seems pretty ironic considering that my my bestest friends are grammar nazi’s !  Sorry y’all! ( you know who you are)

I will be posting a little something I wrote while witing in a therapist waiting room this morning… but that’s coming  little later today…..maybe!  

I’m looking forward to this journey I’m about to take in the world of blogging…and I hope I don’t scare you  guys away with my grammar and punctuation. OR with the madness that resides in my head 😉


3 thoughts on “broken glass

  1. What’s wrong with just “…” and “!!!” That works… What more do you want??? Unless you want to ask a question, in which case, you also need “???” and sometimes “?!?”. 😉

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