Happy Hippos

hippo butts hippo butts2 hippo butts3

This post isnt really about happy hippos… hippos are pretty vicious actually… but I really like hippo butts they make me happy.


I wrote this yesterday..as I sat in the waiting room of a local therapist office.  I sat there reading all the inspirational quotes on the wall… I think to myself ( because.. who else woukd I think it to =/) are these inspirational quotes supposed to make people feel better before they see the therapist????

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

“Happy is the one who learns to bear what he cannot change”

Signs… telling me to “Dream” , “Hope” and have “Faith”….
And of course… theres the serenity prayer… telling me to “accept the things I cannot change”…….
Why are these quotes on the wall???
Sooooo…I shouldn’t encourage change? Accept change??? MAKE CHANGE???  I should just “bear”it?? Doesn’t that eventually make ppl feel more hopeless…
I mean… if I would of just learned to “bear” my situation, many years ago….. I’d probably be dead……just sayin….
I don’t understand what makes different people sad/depressed…. but I do know that I’ve been both!
And what you ask… Made me feel better???? Changing my situation… That’s what!  Was it easy??? HELL NO! But I did it…
I understand the counseling process…. I provide peer counseling to my clients at work… And I think every person on this planet would Benefit by having an impartial person to help them process….. but these signs are making me depressed…I don’t like them!
Change… We should always be changing….. evolving…. So again as I sit here in the waiting room of the therapist office…I want to stand up and tear down these signs!!! Just rip them off the walls!! And I want to take the sharpie out of my purse and write on these walls…


“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time, WE are the change that we seek” -Obama

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself” – Andy Warhol

I want to write……in big giant letters…… YOU ARE IN CHARGE!!!!!

But I don’t …. Because I’m afraid they’ll think I’m crazy 😉


8 thoughts on “Happy Hippos

  1. I was sort of disappointed there were no photos of hippo butts.

    Did you ask the therapist why they have such exasperating quotes that truly are not inspirational, but complacent and advocate for not rocking any boat, just blindly accepting your fate? I agree with you that the platitudes do nothing to encourage change or accepting personal responsibility for your own happiness. I would have liked to know what the therapists reasoning was behind their message.

    I leave you with a hippo butt and a smile!

    • You’re not going to believe this. .. but I actually have photos of hippo butts!!! I just couldn’t figure out how to load them 😉
      I will work on this!
      And I didn’t actually see the therapist. .I was only there for moral support. .but if I every happen to be there again. ..I will definitely ask 😉

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