If I was a Wesen…..

Well… if you don’t watch Grimm you won’t really know what a Wesen is… but no matter.. here’s the Wiki link in case you want to expand your mind…LOL          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creatures_of_Grimm

If I was a Wesen I’d be a Unicorn… and I’d be pink… and i’d prance… NOT GALLOP… and every time I shook my head,  sparkles would fly all around me… I’d eat tiny little rainbows for breakfast..and I’d sleep on a cotton candy cloud..and music would follow me everywhere I went…. and my super power would be to travel wherever I wanted in the blink of an eye to bring joy to everyone in the world!…

BUT….I’M NOT A WESEN… I’m just an ill-mannered, Lonestar drinking, bad knee limping, broke ass, histrionic, DRAMA QUEEN… with a Unicorn mask I got for my birthday last year!

29548_553402284676332_1207997731_n (YES… THIS REALLY IS ME… AND I WAS AT WORK.. WHEN THIS PHOTO WAS TAKEN)


2 thoughts on “If I was a Wesen…..

  1. Hey, I meant to tell you that I have learned from you that I need to let “ME” shine through in my writing style. Your personality comes through in your writing. It’s creative. It’s real. It’s entertaining and engaging. The Real Jerry Dugan is too dang serious.

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