Farm Animals Are Funny

The other day I was sitting with one of my beasties and I mentioned that I hadn’t written anything this week and I was feeling uninspired… she said ” Jo, write about something that’s important and means something to you”  So here you go…..

I was watching Barnyard the other night and I was so extremely confused I had to reach out to my FB friends for guidance.
Little did I know that this was going to be quite a learning experience!


This is Otis, he is the leading man… ugh… cow…

As you can see, Otis has utters and this was the cause of my confusion!!

I thought only girl cows had utters and so I posted the question on FB and this is what  I learned from the responses of my super smart friends!

First, I learned that a “boy” cow is a bull..and no they DO NOT have utters!

a castrated (OUCH) “boy” cow becomes a steer…

BUT..I thought that steers were the “boy” cows with long horns =/

but… it seems that any “boy” cow can be a steer if he’s castrated!  OUCH!

here’s where it gets even more confusing… apparently girl cows have horns too!!! but…. they get polled.. ( i don’t even wanna know…because now all I can really??? cow porn!!! GAWD.. my friends are SICK!)

OH YEAH… and not all “boy” cows have horns!

so, here’s a breakdown according to my friend Patty Sue:

“any boy cow without balls is a steer, if he has balls, he’s a bull.  It doesn’t matter if he has horns or not AND…both boy and girl cows can have horns but the get polled.” (still not quite sure what all the polling entails…)

so with all this confusing cow learning (i kinda feel like an expert now)  my favorite answer was from

Jami ” I think it’s just better than putting a weener on there!”

I’m pretty sure… I will never watch cartoons again.


One thought on “Farm Animals Are Funny

  1. And, now we know. I really love reading your ramblings. They are funny, but you definitely have an attention to detail that comes out. I watched this show with my kids for years, and it never dawned on me that the lead of the show was anatomically a woman. We assumed male because of the voice. So, how does this cow/character identify? Hmmmm…

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