I want to talk about my friends…who I usually refer to as my ‘beasties’……… I always thought I was a little freaky… but it turns out… I’m ALOT freaky… and so are my beasties!
Like for example… who gets a phone call that goes like this..
Friend: Hey are you home?
Me; Yeah.. what’s up?
Friend: I’m coming over.. I got something for you..
Me: Yay! a surprise!!
Friend shows up half an hour later…. with my “surprise”
and why YES….. IT’S A MACHETE!!!
because somehow she thinks that by buying me a machete..I’ll be able to fend for myself during the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! yeah right friendo! ain’t gonna happen! I will be hiding behind you every chance I get!


Then there’s the time I kidnapped the old guy at the local watering hole my friends and I like to frequent… yeah… honestly… it was an accident!  We were there sometime in October for a Roller Derby after party… and as I was walking out… I grabbed him..I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF!! I hit the backdoor.. handed him over to Hitman..(he’s not really a “HITMAN”!) who threw him in the back of his truck and delivered him to my house… yeah.. I bet your thinking… WTH?? right??  The next day… . I was told by friend who gave me the machete.. that I had done a very bad thing.. and that I should probably return the old man…. so I call the craziest beastie I have, she shows up in her tiny little beamer convertible.. but she doesn’t reeeaally know what she’s in for… So.. after I took pictures and sent them with a ransom note to the owner of said establishment and all the bartenders. we load the old man in the beamer convertible (with the top down) and head over to return the bound a gagged old dude to the Pub….
You think I’m making this up… don’t you???

yeah.... you can't make shit like this up!  just sayin...

yeah…. you can’t make shit like this up! just sayin…

I LOVE THEM!!! I love them because…when I say the “theme” for this weekend is incognito….they don’t think it’s weird… they wear their mustaches proudly…and traipse all over South Padre….super gluing mustaches on random peoples faces… TRUE STORY…


too many crazy adventures to tell in one blog post….and some cannot ever be spoken of again…I am grateful… grateful for my wonderful, BATSHIT crazy friends…My Beasties ❤